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Wednesday January 18, 2017

Questions and answers

When should I take my LAU English Entrance Exam (EEE)?

You should start preparing for the EEE as early as possible during your last year of secondary school. Exams are offered according to a yearly schedule, set by the Office of Testing Services at LAU. Special sessions may be arranged if the need arises.

How do I prepare for the EEE?

As is the case with similar exams, the EEE is based on the English-language knowledge that students acquire throughout their high school career and determines a student’s level of proficiency in the English language. The Office of Testing Services provides applicants with a test preparation booklet.

What is the minimum score required for acceptance?

Students are required to obtain a minimum score of 500 on the English Entrance Exam (EEE) to be accepted at LAU. If your score is 400–499, you must enroll in the Intensive English Language Program.

Does LAU offer any preparatory courses for the EEE?

Yes, the Continuing Education Program (CEP) offers English courses to students wishing to prepare for the test. For further information, please contact the CEP Office on your campus, at:

cep.beirut@lau.edu.lb, Tel: 01-786464 extension 1390 (Beirut)
cep.byblos@lau.edu.lb, Tel: 09-547254 extension 2399 (Byblos)

Are there any exemptions from the test?

Students transferring from certain universities are not required to submit proof of English proficiency. Contact the Admissions Office to find out if the university you are transferring from is exempted.

May I sit for the EEE more than once?

Yes, students may sit for an exam more than once, but must wait at least one month between each sitting.

Where do I get information about other entrance exams like the SAT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT?

Please contact the Admissions Office on your campus.

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