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Wednesday September 20, 2017

Admission requirements

Basic requirements 

  • A completed undergraduate paper application or online.
  • One recent passport-size photo.
  • A clear photocopy of your identity card or passport. (should be the same as the nationality to be used in the registration process at LAU).
  • Official transcript from schools you attended in the last three years. If your grades from the last year or semester are not available when you apply, they should be sent as soon as they are available. If you have studied one year at university, you have to secure the grades of your last two years at school. Transcripts should be sent to the Admissions Office on the campus of your choice in a sealed and stamped envelope.
  • Your official SAT I or ACT scores .
  • Proof of English proficiency by submitting ONE of the below:
  • Your certified official secondary school certificate. If it is not available yet, submit it to the Admissions Office on the campus of your choice as soon as it becomes available. Lebanese students with non-Lebanese diplomas must also submit the Equivalence of Lebanese Baccalaureate from the Ministry of Education.
  • Applicants to the School of Nursing are required to take an interview
  • A non-refundable fee of $80 (L.L. 120,000) for paper applications and $65 (L.L.100,000) for online applications.

Important notes

All required documents must be mailed to the Admissions Office by the required deadlines and will become the property of LAU.

  • Only completed applications will be reviewed.
  • Fulfillment of the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.
  • Admission is valid for one semester only.
  • Transfer of applications from one campus to another or change of major are possible if the requests were made within the set deadlines.

Required documents

Applicants to the School of Engineering

Lebanese freshman applicants

Additional required documents of Lebanese students applying to freshman program include:

  • Permission from the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education to enroll in the freshman program.
  • SAT I and SAT II scores within a minimum combined score as set by the Ministry of Education. Required subjects in the SAT II exam are:
    • Freshman Arts: Math I and any other two subjects.
    • Freshman Science: Math II and two of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics

 Also, please note:

  • You must submit the SAT I score prior to admission, but you may take the SAT II during your freshman year.
  • As a Lebanese student, you will not be able to declare a major in a B.A. or B.S. program and join the sophomore class until you satisfy both 1) the Lebanese baccalaureate equivalency requirements set by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and 2) the freshman requirements set by LAU.

Transfer applicants

  • If you have studied at other universities or colleges, you must submit official transcripts from all universities/colleges you have attended, along with academic catalogs.
  • If you have successfully completed the equivalent of at least 12 credits, you will not be required to sit for the SAT I or ACT.
  • You might be required to sit for an English proficiency exam (depending on the university/college you attended).
  • If you did not take any English courses or you are not reqyired ti take an English exam, you have the following options:
    1. Take Remedial English (ENG009) or
    2. Sit for the English proficiency exam for placement in a higher-level class.

Note: If you are transferring to the School of Engineering, you are also required to submit school transcripts covering the previous three years and your SAT I /ACT scores.

Guideline for students transferring from LOCAL universities to assess courses.

N.B. The information above is a general guideline to help in assessing the equivalence of courses for students transferring from local universities in Lebanon to LAU. Please note that this guideline is not binding on the academic departments, as they may have additional factors to bring to the assessment of equivalence.

Lebanese students graduates of a non-Lebanese program 

Your must submit the equivalence to the Lebanese baccalaureate from the Lebanese Ministry of Education. If this document is not available when you submit your application, you may submit it as soon as it is available.


If you skip one or more semesters, your file is marked as “inactive.” When you return, you’ll have to reactivate your file at the Registrar’s Office by filling out a Returnee application for undergraduate and graduate students (PDF) to be allowed to register. You need to do that before the registration date specified for returnees (check the Academic Calendar). 

If you’ve been away more than one semester there is a US$80 or L.L. 120,000 charge that must be paid in cash.

Application Deadlines

  • Late- Fall 2017: July 31, 2017
    Undergraduate application
    Graduate application
  • June 20, 2017: Early deadline for M.A. in Visual Narrative (deadline passed)
  • July, 15, 2017: Deadline for M.S. in Molecular Biology (deadline passed)
  • August 11, 2017: Deadline for M.A. in Applied Economics (deadline passed)
  • July, 21, 2018: Deadline for early admissions for M.A. in Visual Narrative  (Entry in Spring semester only)
  • July, 21, 2018: Deadline for early admissions for M.A. in Islamic Art and Architecture (Entry in Spring semester only)

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