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Wednesday July 18, 2018

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When should I apply for financial aid?

Check regular financial aid–related announcements on this page.

When should I apply for a merit scholarship?

Deadlines are announced by the Admissions Office and relayed to school principals. Learn more about merit scholarships.

Where and when should I apply for an athletic scholarship?

Applications are handled by the Athletics Department within announced deadlines on this page.

When should I apply for a restricted grant?

Simultaneously with the financial aid application.

Do I have to apply for honor scholarships and non-restricted grants?

No, these are automatically granted based on well-defined criteria.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

Such cases are studied individually. Applicants are urged to abide by the deadlines.

What documents are needed when applying for financial aid?

All documents needed are listed on the financial aid application webpage.

If I’m starting in summer, can I apply for financial aid for summer?


Application Deadline

Financial Aid 

New students for Fall 2018: 
Apr. 15, 2018


Merit scholarship for Fall 2018:
January 31, 2018

Athletic scholarship for Fall 2018:
April 30, 2018

Medicine & Pharm.D.

Pharm. D.:
Dec. 1, 2017-  Jan. 14, 2018

School of Medicine students:
Early: Dec. 1, 17-  Jan. 31, 18
Regular: Dec. 1, 17-  Mar. 31, 18

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