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Sunday March 18, 2018

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Who is eligible for an entrance scholarship?

Learn about entrance scholarships.

Who is eligible for an athletic or talent scholarship?

Learn about athletic and talent scholarships.

Are all high school students eligible for merit scholarships?

No, only academically outstanding students are eligible. Interested candidates need to submit a merit application, available at the office of the school’s director or the Admissions Office.

Are all athletic team members eligible to receive athletics scholarships?

No, only those who meet the specific criteria are eligible. Contact the Athletics Office for eligibility criteria.

How many credits should I be registered in to be eligible for financial aid?

Twelve credits in a regular semester (unless there are course restrictions or a student is graduating), or 5 billed credits in the summer semester.

What are possible constraints to financial aid eligibility?

  • A cumulative GPA lower than 2.00.
  • LAU budget limitations.
  • Relative lack of need of applicant, as considered by the deciding committee.
  • Number of credits for which a student is registered.
  • Misrepresentation of facts or inconsistency in submitted information.
  • Failure to satisfy work requirements.
  • Two disciplinary warnings.
  • Number of credits required.

Are Intensive English students eligible for financial aid?


Is it true that students who benefit from outside help may not apply for financial aid?

It’s not true. Outside help does not preclude a deserving student from getting financial aid from LAU. However, outside help should be declared to LAU and the total aid (from all sources) should never exceed overall tuition plus certain charges.

If my brother or sister had, or has, financial aid at LAU, does that mean I will be automatically entitled as well?

Not necessarily. Files are studied individually and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Are LAU-arranged bank loans available to all students?

No, only to Medical and Pharm.D. students.

Application Deadline

Financial Aid 

New students for Fall 2018: 
Apr. 15, 2018


Merit scholarship for Fall 2018:
January 31, 2018

Athletic scholarship for Fall 2018:
April 30, 2018

Medicine & Pharm.D.

Pharm. D.:
Dec. 1, 2017-  Jan. 14, 2018

School of Medicine students:
Early: Dec. 1, 17-  Jan. 31, 18
Regular: Dec. 1, 17-  Mar. 31, 18

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