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Wednesday September 20, 2017

SAT guidelines

We recommend you to sign up for the SAT as early as possible in order to ensure your scores are submitted by the application deadline. To speed up the application process we encourage you to submit both your official and unofficial scores.

How to send your SAT scores to the LAU Admissions Office

I. Send the official scores through www.collegeboard.org by using the LAU SAT code 2595.

II. Send the unofficial scores by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your College Board account and go to “My SAT”.
  2. Click on “Understand Your Test Performance and See Sent Scores” for each score.
  3. Choose “Download Report” on the top right of the page.
  4. Print the PDF file if you are submitting the scores by hand or send the PDF file as attachment to admissions.beirut@lau.edu.lb or admissions.byblos@lau.edu.lb


Financial aid 

New students for fall 2017: 
April 30, 2017


Merit scholarship for fall 2017:
Deadline passed

Athletic scholarship for fall 2017:
April 30, 2017

Medicine & Pharm.D.

School of Medicine new applicants:

Academic Year 2017-2018:
March 31, 2017

Contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

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