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Sunday March 18, 2018

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FransaBank Loan to Lebanese students

Loan Conditions:

  • The interest will be borne by LAU for all eligible semesters. 
  • LAU will cover the student’s life insurance during the eligible semesters. 
  • The student will bear the interest and life insurance after graduation or loss of eligibility.
    • Annual interest rate is 3%
    • Annual life insurance is based on age of applicant and loan repayment period.
  • After graduation, dropping out, or losing eligibility the student is granted one year grace period and maximum of 10 years repayment period. 
  • The Bank will not charge the student any file fees.
  • No life insurance for guarantor will be required.
  • The loan amount may be revised only once during the student’s tenure, either in the undergraduate program or if pursuing a graduate program. 
  • The loan is a fixed amount in LL; any change in currency exchange rates would result in a change in the US $ value of the loan.
  • LAU reserves the right to terminate the loan sponsorship if student loses eligibility.

Student Eligibility:

  • Students of Lebanese Nationality
  • Enrolled at LAU in any undergraduate program.  (excluding Bridge, Freshman, Intensive, special & undecided)
  • Financial Aid recipient
  • Referred to Bank by LAU

Guarantor Eligibility:

  • Of Lebanese Nationality
  • Parent, sibling, or relative of the borrower
  • Has satisfactory credit history
  • Be less than 68 years old by the end of the repayment period
  • Has to be working for a minimum of two 2 years

Required Documents by bank:

The student will submit the following documents to the Bank:

  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • Family civil status record
  • Proof of residence

The guarantor will submit the following documents:

  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • Proof of residence     
  • If employed:
    • Authenticated certificate of salary
    • Copy of NSSF card or Public cooperative card or Copy of medical insurance card
  • If self-employed:
    • Declaration of income (Revenues & Expenses)
    • Statement of Account for the past two years
    • Balance Sheet for the past two years
    • Tax declarations if available
    • Copy of company’s circular
    • Copy of medical insurance
  • In case of Negative pledge:
    • Copy of property deed
    • Real estate certificate
    • Real estate certificate for joint sections
  • Any other documents deemed necessary by the bank

How to apply

  • Students apply for financial aid and indicate their interest in applying for a bank loan
  • The Student awarded a prospective loan will receive a letter specifying :
    • The total loan amount in Lebanese Pounds
    • The number of eligible semesters and the equivalent amount in US $ per semester.
    • The Fransabank branch to apply at
    • The dates to apply
  • It is the students’ responsibility to abide by all conditions and dates set forth in the award letter to ensure that they receive the loan approval by the set deadline.
  • Any delay in submission of loan application and required documents to the bank will result in cancellation of the loan.

Application Deadline

Financial Aid 

New students for Fall 2018: 
Apr. 15, 2018


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January 31, 2018

Athletic scholarship for Fall 2018:
April 30, 2018

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