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Wednesday February 20, 2019

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Academic Programs


Discipline Degree Offered in # of Credits
Applied Physics B.S. Beirut and Byblos 94
Arabic Language and Literature B.A. Beirut and Byblos 92
Architecture B.Arch. Byblos[1] 176
Bioinformatics B.S. Beirut and Byblos 104
Biology B.S. Beirut and Byblos 96
Business Studies B.S. Beirut and Byblos 92
Chemistry B.S. Beirut and Byblos 92
Civil Engineering B.E. Byblos[2] 150
Communication B.A. Beirut and Byblos 92
Computer Engineering B.E. Byblos[2] 150
Computer Science B.S. Beirut and Byblos 92
Economics B.S. Beirut and Byblos 92
Education B.A. Beirut 95
Electrical Engineering B.E. Byblos[2] 150
English B.A. Beirut and Byblos 92
Fashion Design (in collaboration with ELIE SAAB) *[9] B.A. Beirut[3] 130
Fashion Design (in collaboration with ELIE SAAB) B.F.A. Beirut[3] 128
Fine Arts B.A. Beirut 92
Graphic Design *[9] B.S. Beirut and Byblos 118
Graphic Design B.F.A. Beirut and Byblos 110
History B.A. Byblos 92
Hospitality and Tourism Management B.S. Beirut 92
Industrial Engineering B.E. Byblos[2] 150
Interior Architecture (Interior Design) B.A. Beirut and Byblos 139
Interior Design [8] B.S. Beirut and Byblos 110
Mathematics B.S. Beirut and Byblos 92
Mechanical Engineering B.E. Byblos[2] 150
Mechatronics Engineering B.E. Byblos[2] 150
Multimedia Journalism B.A. Beirut 92
Nursing B.S. Byblos[4] 103
Nutrition [7] B.S. Beirut and Byblos 94
Nutrition and Dietetics Coordinated Program [7] B.S. Beirut and Byblos 121
Performing Arts B.A. Beirut and Byblos 93
Petroleum Engineering B.E. Byblos[2] 150
Pharmacy B.S. Byblos 174
Philosophy B.A. Beirut 92
Political Science B.A. Beirut and Byblos 92
Political Science/International Affairs B.A. Beirut and Byblos 92
Psychology B.A. Beirut and Byblos 92
Social Work & Community Development [6] B.A. Beirut 92
Television and Film B.A. Beirut and Byblos 92
Translation B.A. Beirut 92

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Areas of concentration that can be taken up concurrently with a major.

Discipline Offered in
Actuarial Science Beirut
Advertising and Public Relations Beirut
Animation Beirut
Arabic Language and Literature Beirut
Audiovisual Production Beirut
Biology Beirut and Byblos
Business Beirut and Byblos
Chemistry Beirut and Byblos
Climate Change and Sustainability Policy Beirut and Byblos
Computer Science Beirut and Byblos
Conflict Analysis and Resolution Beirut and Byblos
Construction Management Byblos
Creative and Journalistic Writing Beirut and Byblos
Digital Media Byblos
Economics Beirut and Byblos
English Beirut and Byblos
Environmental Science Byblos
Fine Arts Beirut and Byblos
Food Science & Management Beirut and Byblos
Gender Studies Beirut and Byblos
History Beirut
Hospitality and Tourism Management Beirut and Byblos
Islamic Art and Architecture Beirut and Byblos
Legal Studies Byblos
Mathematics Beirut and Byblos
Multimedia Journalism Beirut and Byblos
Nutrition Beirut and Byblos
Performing Arts Beirut and Byblos
Philosophy Beirut
Photography Beirut and Byblos
Political Science/International Affairs Beirut and Byblos
Psychology Beirut and Byblos
Social Work and Community Development Beirut
Sociology Beirut and Byblos
Visual Arts Beirut and Byblos

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Graduate and Professional

Discipline Degree Offered in # of Credits
Actuarial Science E.M.A. Beirut (Executive Center) 36
Applied and Computational Mathematics M.S. Beirut and Byblos 30
Applied Economics M.A. Beirut 30
Business Administration E.M.B.A. Beirut (Executive Center) 36
Business Administration M.B.A. Beirut and Byblos 39
Civil and Environmental Engineering M.S. Byblos 30
Computer Engineering M.S. Byblos 30
Computer Science M.S. Byblos 30
Education M.A. Beirut 30
Human Resources Management M.S. Beirut 30
Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management M.S. Byblos 30
Interdisciplinary Gender Studies M.A. Beirut 30
International Affairs M.A. Beirut and Byblos 30
Islamic Art and Architecture M.A. Beirut 30
Medicine * M.D. Byblos Variable[5]
Migration Studies M.A. Beirut 30
Molecular Biology M.S. Byblos 30
Multimedia Journalism M.A. Beirut 31
Nutrition [7] M.S. Beirut and Byblos 30
Pharmaceutical Development and Management M.S. Byblos 36
Pharmacy Pharm.D. Byblos 201

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Name Offered in # of Credits
Dietetic Internship [7] Beirut 12
Diploma in Learning Disabilities and Giftedness Beirut 21
Pro-Green Diploma Online 18
Teaching Diploma Beirut 21

[1] The first two years may be taken in Beirut.

[2] The first year may be completed in Beirut.

[3] Only the first (foundation) year may be taken in Byblos.

[4] Only the first semester of the sophomore year may be completed in Beirut.

[5] The MD program is four years long and the total number of credits may vary depending on the courses taken.

[6] This program does not prepare students for the practice of social work in New York State. If a graduate of this program seeks to enter a master's level social work program, all decisions regarding advanced standing are made at the discretion of the institution offering the MSW program.

[7] This program does not lead to New York State certification. Dietitians and nutritionists do not have the authority to independently engage in the ordering of medical nutrition therapy in New York State.

[8] This program was discontinued in Fall 2017.

[9] This program was discontinued in Fall 2017.

* Pending completion of registration formalities with the New York State Education Department.

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Undergraduate Applicants

Deadline to Apply for Admission

  • Spring 2019: November 30, 2018
  • Regular Fall 2019: January 31, 2019
  • Late Fall 2019: July 15, 2019

Deadline to Apply for Financial Aid 

  • New students for Spring 2019: Oct.1 -Dec 4, 2018
  • New students for Fall 2019: April 15, 2019

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