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Wednesday July 18, 2018

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Transfer Application

Important notes

  • All required documents must be mailed to the Admissions Office on the campus of your choice by the required deadlines and will become the property of LAU.
  • Only completed applications will be reviewed.
  • Fulfillment of the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.
  • Admission is valid for one semester only.
  • Transfer of applications from one campus to another or change of major are possible if the requests are made within the set deadlines.
  • If you are a U.S Citizen or U.S. Green Card Holder you must submit along with the application the W-9S form that can be downloaded from the IRS website, with proof of your social security number.


You are a transfer applicant, if you were enrolled in a college/university and want to transfer to LAU. 

You are a special applicant, if you are attending a college and want to take courses at LAU, without working toward a degree.


View deadlines

Deadline to Apply for Admission

Deadline to Apply for Financial Aid 

  • New students for Fall 2018: Deadline passed

Online F.A. Application
Federal Loans for U.S. Students


Prepare required documents and pass tests

  1. One recent passport-size photo.
  2. A clear photocopy of your identity card or passport (should be the same as the nationality to be used in the registration process at LAU).
  3. Official updated university transcripts from all the universities/colleges you attended, along with academic catalogs. Undeclared transcripts cannot be accepted after enrollment.
  4. A certified copy of your official diploma, (Lebanese Baccalaureate, French, International Baccalaureate Diploma, High School Diploma, G.C.E.s etc.) and the official Lebanese Equivalence obtained from the Ministry of Education in Lebanon.
  5. If you have completed less than 30 credits, you must submit the original transcripts of the last three years at school.
  6. Applicants to the School of Engineering must submit official transcripts of the last three years at school as well as the SAT scores.
  7. If you have completed the equivalent of at least 12 credits, you will not be required to sit for the SAT I or ACT; however, you might be required to submit proof of English proficiency (depending on the university/college(s) you attended) by submitting ONE of the below:

View additional requirements if you hold a High School Diploma or its equivalent

Students who hold a High School Diploma or its equivalent and are transferring to LAU should secure the below to be eligible to be accepted into a major rather than freshman.

Non-Lebanese students

  • Acquire the equivalency of the Freshman Year from the Lebanese Ministry of Education, or
  • Have 26 credits transferred of the LAU Freshman Program.

Lebanese students

  • Acquire the equivalency of the Freshman Year from the Lebanese Ministry of Education, or
  • 1) Have 26 credits transferred of the LAU Freshman Program, 2) Earn the minimum required score set by the Ministry of Education for the SAT I and SAT II combined and  3) Secure the Arabic Exemption from the Lebanese Ministry of Education.

Check which credits can be transferred

For transfer students, 50% of the credits corresponding to the required major must be completed at LAU. Only courses with a grade “C” or “70” and above can be transferred. Transfer courses are noted on the transcript as T and are not included in the GPA computation.

Guideline for students transferring from LOCAL universities to assess courses.

N.B.: The information above is a general guideline to help in assessing the equivalence of courses for students transferring from local universities in Lebanon to LAU. Please note that this guideline is not binding on the academic departments, as they may have additional factors to bring to the assessment of equivalence.

Transfer applicants from universities not recognized by LAU:

Transfer students coming from an institution of higher education not recognized by LAU may be conditionally accepted after satisfying the English requirements for admission at LAU. If accepted, their admission will be for a probation period with no transfer of credits. They must complete 12 new credits in the first semester of enrollment at LAU, 6 of which must be major courses, and achieve a minimum GPA of 2.50/4.00. Then, they may petition to the School concerned for transfer of credits if applicable.

Fill out and submit a complete application

Winter (September- May) Summer (June- August)
8:30 a.m. - 12 noon and 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.  8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


A maximum of 6 graduate credits for 30-credit programs and a maximum of 9 graduate credits for 39-credit programs may be transferred from another institution recognized* by LAU, or between LAU graduate programs.

Except where otherwise specified, a maximum of 6 graduate credits taken as an undergraduate at LAU in the student’s last year, over and above the total number of credits required for graduation, may be transferred. Only courses where a grade of B or above was earned may be transferred. Transferred credits should not have been used for another degree that was a prerequisite for admission to the graduate program in which a student is enrolled.

A request for the transfer of credits should be filed at the Registrar’s Office during the student’s first semester. The petition will be reviewed by the relevant department or school, and you will be notified.

*Contact the Admissions Office to learn whether your university is recognized by LAU.

Follow the graduate application process 

Undergraduate Applicants

Deadline to Apply for Admission

Deadline to Apply for Financial Aid 

  • New students for Fall 2018: Deadline passed

Online F.A. Application
Federal Loans for U.S. Students


Graduate Applicants

Deadline to Apply

For Fall 2018:

  • New! MS in Nutrition:  July 23, 2018 
  • New! MS in Pharmaceutical Development and Management: August 1, 2018
  • New! MS in Human Resources: August 1, 2018

Contact the Admissions Office for more information

Graduate Assistantship

Deadline to Apply for Financial Aid

  • Pharm. D.: Deadline passed
  • School of Medicine Students: Deadline passed

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